About Us

A Federally Recognized, Alaskan Tribal 8(a) Certified Entity, Moss Cape, LLC is majority owned by the Native Village of Eyak and minority owned by King Cove Holdings, an Alaska Native Corporation. United by our deep cultural values and dedicated to serving our customers, Moss Cape provides leading solutions and services to both Federal and public sector clients through our decades of program management experience and expertise.

As an SBA recognized tribal 8(a) firm, Moss Cape is entitled to unique privileges under applicable federal regulations. These benefits can provide additional value to our clients above and beyond Moss Cape’s services and offerings. As defined by the SBA, the 8(a) contract vehicle is a flexible procurement technique that allows the customer sole discretion to choose the specific contractor team, which provides the highest level of customer contract to achieve their program goals and objectives. This streamlined process also saves a substantial amount of time, work, and costs during the procurement cycle.

We are committed to increasing the performance and productivity of our clients, and implement industry-leading methodologies such as Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) for consistent communication and collaboration. Our goal is to be laser-focused on the business objectives at hand, and remove any obstacles that could otherwise compromise mission success for our customers. Our expert-level contract performance has enabled our government, non-profit and private entity customers worldwide to achieve economic, social and managerial success.   Our offerings include Construction Management, Office Furniture Solutions, Environmental Services, Acquisition Support, Fiber Optic Data Transport, Information Technology Service, Communications Infrastructure and Mobility, Turnkey Solutions for Mobile Device Management (MDM), Security Compliance, Information Assurance, RFID and Commercial Audio-Visual

Mission & VAlues

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deliver end-to-end solutions and services that facilitate safety, security and the well-being of our customers, their infrastructure, and their sensitive information, both domestically and internationally. We have an uncompromising commitment to our customers, tribal members, and partners to ensure the success of all.

Our Values

We value holding the highest level of ethical standards and performance that ensures our solutions meet our customer’s requirements. As we grow and mature as an organization, we recognize how diversity and inclusion drive innovation, employee engagement and create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We look to attract a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Difference in thoughts, styles, backgrounds and opinions are valued at Moss Cape, LLC, and shape how we benefit our customers.

  • Best Practices
  • Experienced Leadership
  • Comprehensive Quality Management
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Support of our Client Objectives

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